Monday, 22 October 2012

2012 Cultural Camp 23 Oct - 25 Oct

Cultural Camp Reflections

Part A
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Part B

Write an essay on your learning experience for today’s activity. (350 words and above) 

Guiding Questions

1) What are the areas that you need to take note when making a Chinese Knot.

2)Through this activity what have you learnt about Chinese Knots?
How will you apply what you have learnt today to your daily life. (example patience and determination etc.)

3)I will give this Chinese Knot to _______________( Name of the person) and state the reason.

Write your essay using Pages and include pictures of your learning experience.

Please save your essay in the following format and submit it into your class MTL submit folder 
Index N0_Name_Cultural

Part A

Part B









请把你的作品投进Submit Folder。
Save as Index N0_Name_Cultural

Thursday, 19 April 2012

2012年 硬笔书法比赛得奖名单

中一           第一名:周萦蔚 (S1-08)    第二名:许慧恩(S1-07)     第三名:周昀慧(S1-04)

中二           第一名:陈若璇 (S2-06)          第二名:丁旎娜(S2_01)         第三名:丘苇翔(S2-08)

中三           第一名:卢静仪(S3-09)        第二名:王学凌(S3-08)   第三名:陈敬衡(S3-05)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

2012 MTL Fortnight

SST, Singapore will be organising our first Mother Tongue Fortnight, which will be held from 9 April to 20 April 2012.

Objectives of MTL Fortnight:

(1) To create an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of MTL;
(2) To provide platforms for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture; and
(3) To provide authentic opportunities for students to use MTL and experience the culture.

Programme Highlights:

(A) Exhibition- Students' holiday projects, good essays, 2011/2012 performance tasks will be showcased in Info Hub and via this blog.

(B) Competitions - Pen Calligraphy, online quizzes.

(C) Workshops- "Tang Yuan" in the making, Tamil enrichment activities, Appreciation of Malay Customs & Traditions.

(D) Movie Showcase
HCL/CL: 《不能说的秘密》、《881》

(E) Learning Journeys: Research study on Malay Customs & Traditions @ Jurong East Library;
Chinese Tea Appreciation at the Tea Chapter

*Details will be put up via this blog, keep a lookout for registration.